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 Digital AgriMedia is Gujarat's & India’s most trusted organization for Indian agriculture especially for farming, AgriMedia TV is one of the best e-Agriculture app of India for Agriculture Education, Extension, Digitalization and rural development.

We have developed AgriMedia video app to provide audio/video education about Agriculture, this is best distance learning extension education for agricultural revolution in India.

Our aim to make traditional agriculture more powerful, commercial and professional. We have produced complete scientific crop cultivation process video from land preparation to harvesting which are value additions for Farmers to increase their income. Our videos are in Gujarati, Hindi and English Languages.

Application Keywords :
➡️. Video section
Audio visual is the best media for transfer of technology in agriculture sector. Farmer can get the technical information in video form so educated and uneducated farmer’s can understand very well.
In AgriMedia TV Video section has the collection of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Organic Farming, Rural Development, Technology, Success Story of farmers and Government scheme videos.

➡️. Question Answer
Farmer has many problems about farm business. They do not have any solution about these problems. Hans AgriMedia TV has started question answer section for farmers. Farmer can ask any type of question with photographs and they will get the technical solution about their problem on mobile at field level.

➡️. Buy and Sell
In agriculture sector main problem is that farmer are not getting the right price for their produce, To solve the this problems farmer have buy sell section at village level. They can sell or buy their any agricultural produce like cereals, pulses, oil seeds, cash crop as well Horticultural produce like vegetable, fruit, flowers, spices and condiments and also Dry fruits, forest and medicinal produce, Animal husbandry like cow, bull, buffalo, horse sheep, goat, camel, poultry etc. 

➡️. Market rate
Farmer can get the Mandi (Market) prices at nearest center and we can also know at National level Market prices according to crop and market yards. AgriMedia TV provides the comparative prices between different market IAS at district level and state level with maximum minimum and moderate price in graphical formation.

➡️. News
Farmers can get latest news and latest information about agriculture in their mobile. Nowadays latest technology and latest trends must require surviving in market. We are giving trustworthy, Quality and useful news day by day.

➡️. Digital library
To establish digital library in the rural area is the main aim of AgriMedia TV. Farmer can get all the information about Agriculture Horticulture, Animal husbandry, Fisheries, Poultry Farming, Rural development, Cooperation, Panchayat etc.
He can read the monthly and weekly reputed Magazines without any cost like Krushi Go Vidya, Krushi jivan, Krushi Prabhat, Krushi Vigyan etc.

➡️. Agri-Calculator
To reduce crop production cost and increase the production is the main aim of AgriMedia TV. We have prepared four different types of calculators like Fertilizer, Seed rate, Crop distance and Pesticides.

➡️. Whether
India is the country where farming is still depends on Rain, in this condition the weather parameters like Rain, Wind, Temperature, Humidity etc. are affecting the crop production. AgriMedia Weather is the best solution.

Source : AgriMedia TV : Hi-Tech Agriculture

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➡️. Phonebook
District Wise Contact details of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Cooperation, KVKs, ATMA, AMPCs etc. with name of Offices.

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